Acoustic Music, Open Mic session

Acoustic Music, Open Mic session

11 December 2016
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#COSYMICSUNDAY is back with the upcoming 4th session on 11th December 2016 at Aliwal Arts Centre. 

Are you in a band or are you a solo musician who's looking for a platform to showcase your music? Or you just love music & play for leisure? Then why not join us for our 4th session!! 

#COSYMICSUNDAY is a self-funded, regular, casual open mic session here in Singapore. We are a humble setup and our sessions are intended to be simple, cosy, raw & intimate, aimed at bringing people together to share and connect in our common passion for music. 

Interested bands/performers send us your demo to to arrange for a slot to play at the session. Your demo can be in a form of a simple audio, video or even a link to your music. 

And for everyone else, why not join us for a cosy casual acoustic session on the 11th December 2016 at Aliwal Arts Centre.


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