After Dark Halloween Special with Baikal (NED, Maeve) & Kavan

After Dark Halloween Special with Baikal (NED, Maeve) & Kavan

27 October 2017
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27 OCT 2017
After Dark Halloween Special with Baikal (NED, Maeve) & Kavan (Midnight Shift)

The name Baikal comes from the words 'Bai Kyul', which translates as 'rich lake'. Lake Baikal is the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world, containing roughly 20% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water, and at 1,642m, the deepest. It is also among the clearest of all lakes, and thought to be the world's oldest at 25 million years.

Baikal resides in Berlin where he makes his very own style of electronic music; moving just as easy through the realms of house and of techno as an artist; and a DJ. After a busy summer, fueled by the success of his Pelican’s Flight EP of last may, Baikal is now in the process of working on two different projects for Maeve, the label he co-founded alongside Mano Le Tough and The Drifter – both of which will see the light of day in the first
half of 2017. Besides that, he has completed a remix for the artist Vaal on the label Afterlife which was released end October.

Baikal's existence lies in the idea that the music itself, the abstract experience and the emotions it provokes should tell enough of a story to entertain you as the listener, and that the persona behind the artist is of lesser importance.

This Halloween, step inside the concrete walls of Kilo Lounge to join the mass of sweaty, writhing bodies on the dancefloor... but be warned! Fun comes at a cost. For on this dark weekend, a mysterious Asylum has been rumoured to emerge under the light of the harvest moon, where the veil between our world and the dark world thins & nightmarish creatures manifest to torment those sensitive to the psychic realm. Survive the perilous journey through the Asylum's sinister corridors and avoid the clutches of the evil beings within. If you're lucky, you might just make it out alive....

TIME: 10PM till late
LOCATION: 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-02/04 S(088444)
COVER: $50 (includes entry to Haunted Asylum + 1 bloody cocktail)
TABLE BOOKINGS: call or whatsapp 9824 9747 /
Kilo Lounge has a 21-&-above age limit policy for club events