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Akira Jimbo Drum Concert 2014

31 August 2014

Akira Jimbo Drum Concert 2014


Akira started playing drums at the age of 18 at Keio University in Japan, where he became a member of the school's Light Music Society Big Band. In 1980 he joined the group Casiopea, releasing over a dozen albums and touring internationally. As a solo artist, he has released over 10 albums and four acclaimed instructional videos: Pulse, Metamorphosis, Independence and the latest, Evolution (DCI Music Video/Warner Brothers). His setup includes Yamaha Beech Custom and Signature Snare Drum, the Yamaha DTX Drum Trigger System, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drum heads, and Vic Firth Sticks. Musical. Exciting. Dynamic. Blazing. Solid. Astonishing. All these words can be used to describe Akira Jimbo. He has been a leading figure in the Japanese music scene for more than 15 years and continues gaining well-deserved international recognition. Although he did not start playing drums until he was 17, Akira has become a master of his art form and is practically a household name in his home country of Japan.

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Date & Time

31 August at 19:00–22:00


Singapore 18