Aliwal Presents: Noise Singapore

Aliwal Presents: Noise Singapore

21 September 2016
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Aliwal Presents is a monthly exploration of live music that spans language, genre and time. Every third Wednesday of the month, Aliwal Arts Centre will co-present a night of original music with selected Singapore musicians, to educate and uncover the myriad of Singapore music.

For September, Aliwal partners Noise Singapore to present four NOISE mentees from the Music and Art Mentorship Programmes.


Efficient Public Transport
Avant-garde musicians have few friends and even fewer listeners. Thankfully, Efficient Public Transport (EPT) is neither Avant-garde, nor do they have any friends or listeners. Their haphazard blend of pop melodies, driving bass lines, progressive drum beats, metal guitars and Dada-esque lyrics promises to alienate you from every known person in your universe, giving the EPT listener’s hipster claims authentic street cred.

EPT consists of five gorgeous social misfits: lead singer Louis Law, bassist Ren Kang, drummer Christal, and axe-men Nazreen and Daniel. Armed with nothing but university degrees of little relevance in today’s society, the band’s nihilistic tunes are sure to strike a chord with your inner rebel.

Faux Pas
Faux Pas is an Indie/Alternative Rock band comprising four friends namely, Shalihin (drums), Eddy (bass), Ben (Lead Guitar) and Nabil (Rhythm & Vocals) who share the same ideals and ambitions in music.

Formed in early 2013, all four members saw out the best days of their polytechnic lives jamming regularly. Sharing a collective love for Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Strokes and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the band sought out to write originals and concoct a unique sound that would fuse all their individual musical influences together.

Faux Pas has since gone on to be a part of Noise Singapore's The Music Mentorship (TMM) programme in 2015; with Leonard Soosay as the band's assigned mentor.

The Neptune Waves
A four piece musical collective that embodies euphoria and despair in each song. The music is characterised by the band's desire to push for something different and unique, while finding the balance between each instrument. Disparate influences from each of the members compliment each other to form a wave of lush visceral sounds driven by a strong back beat layered below silvery melodic vocals.


Erika Tay aka Erikartoon
Erika aka Erikartoon graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2013 and right now she is working as a freelance illustrator based in Singapore.

Ever since her first drawing of a sailormoon when she is 7 year old, drawing has become an outlet for Erika to self discovery and short holiday trips to various imaginary worlds.

Inspired by Asian sub cultures, films and cartoons and most of the time; her dinner, she seeks to bring her audience into a surreal place filled with one-eyed creatures, sashimi ice creams and robotic school girls just to name a few. Most of the time she allows the process of her works to evolve intuitively, not knowing what the end result will be.

About NOISE Singapore
Noise Singapore is the largest youth arts platform in Singapore, and aims to get young people aged 35 and below engaged in the arts and embrace their creative side. It is organised by the National Arts Council. Celebrating its 11th run in 2016, Noise Singapore has reached thousands of people through its programmes and outreach activities, helping young people cultivate a life-long love for the arts through showcase, mentorship and funding opportunities.

Showcase Opportunities
Throughout the year, young people can submit original works of art, design, photography and music through Noise Singapore's website. Selected artists and musicians will get the chance to showcase their creations at platforms such as the annual Noise Singapore Festival, Pop-Up Noise (smaller showcases that pop-up at unique locations throughout the year), Noise Singapore's online gallery and print collaterals, or even produce customised works for special collaborations with partners.

Learning Opportunities
Many young people have big, artistic dreams and Noise Singapore wants to help them achieve their aspirations. Our mentorship programmes - the Noise Art Mentorship (NAM) and Noise Music Mentorship (NMM) - offer aspiring artists and musicians the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned creative leaders for six months, leading to the creation of new works and a final group showcase. The most promising participants will be presented with the Noise Singapore Award, consisting of a grant of $5,000 to fulfil a creative project.

For greater arts exposure, Noise Singapore also works with local arts collectives to organise Noise Sessions - workshops, talks and networking opportunities that are open to the public and held regularly throughout the year.