All times Classic Hong Kong TV Theme Songs 《绝对经典香港电视剧金曲演唱会》

All times Classic Hong Kong TV Theme Songs 《绝对经典香港电视剧金曲演唱会》

30 September 2017
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Recognised as the King of Hong Kong television series theme songs, Johnny Ip, and the Queen of classic Cantonese songs, Camy Tang are bringing you the co-collaborated concert, 《绝对经典香港电视剧金曲演唱会》. Be indulged in the good old times as the top-notch singers bring you more than over 40 theme songs in the span of two hours.

The extravagant line-up includes songs such as 上海滩,忘尽心中情,浮生六劫,网中人,啼笑因缘,万水千山总是情,京华春梦,变色龙,两忘烟水里,婚纱背后,笑傲江湖,世间始终你好,太极张三丰,亲情 and many more songs to come.

The concert will also feature numerous famous Hong Kong actors and actresses’ special appearances where they will share more insights while filming these popular dramas back in the days!

With the heart-warming theme songs and memorable classics, fans of Cantonese songs are sure to be in for treat this September!




被誉为唱最多香港电视剧主题曲的实力派男歌手叶振棠Johnny 将首次和香港金曲歌后邓瑞霞Camy 携手合办《绝对经典香港电视剧金曲演唱会》。届时,两位实力派唱将会为歌迷朋友们带来超过40首劲歌金曲,让大家重温昔日美好的时光!