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 ASSEMBLY: Detroit (Launch)

12 April 2014

ASSEMBLY: Detroit (Launch)


From city to city, Assembly is a spatial excursion of techno music. A tribute to the origins of the genre as it has been created, owned and reinvented by the different cities, scenes, collectives and subcultures around the world. From the industrial machinations of motor city Detroit in the USA, to the inexplicable je ne sais quoi of French techno, galloping, dark or minimal Berlin techno to the alienating, hyper-reality of Japan’s greatest techno exports and beyond. Each night and once a month, Assembly gathers the techno ambassadors from home and around the region to represent the sounds of the city. Singapore representatives will include kyō resident Norman C, as well as borhead, EJ Missy, Gerald Ang, Kavan and Debbie Chia among other islanders. In the months to come, regional guests will share the decks in the same spirit. For the first of the series, there could be no other place to begin – Detroit. Oft regarded and revered to be the birthplace of techno, Detroit holds a seminal space in the record shelves of DJs and in the history of genre. From founding techno fathers Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills and their corresponding labels Transmat, KMS, Metroplex and Axis Records, we pay tribute and give homage to the city that started it all for techno. Clubbers will gain access to merchandise from the labels, including vinyl and t-shirts while DJs will interpret and replay the classics and hits that defined (and continue to define) the sonic flavours of each landmark city. Get in order for Assembly. The world tour begins 12 April 2014.

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$20, $25

Date & Time

12 April at 22:00–03:00
12 April at 22:00 to 13 April at 03:00


133 Cecil Street, #B1-02, Keck Seng Tower , Singapore 069535


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