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astrid/tcc/forests/tipping point

17 April 2015

astrid/tcc/forests/tipping point


Astrid emotional bastards. members of straight forward and pathos. ep is the tits. the kind of music that makes your nerd skramz friends argue whether it's troo skramz or not. The Caulfield Cult ugly bastards. second last show in Singapore for a long time. congratulations. Forests twinkly bastards. ex members of allegiance and monsters in living flesh. stopped playing metalcore cos they wanna twinkle your ballsacks. no recordings yet cos they're quite the cunts. Tipping Point hardcore bastards. singer is buff as fuck and he will body slam your babies and bring your mothers out on dates. 17th april friday pinknoize 744 north bridge road $10, doors at 7pm

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

17 April at 19:00–23:00


Pink Noize
744 North Bridge Road, Singapore


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