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Bani Haykal & Rachel Chen curated by Mark Wong from Ujikaji

9 May 2016 – 10 May 2016

Bani Haykal & Rachel Chen curated by Mark Wong from Ujikaji


Bani Haykal & Rachel Chen Whether in experimental music, installation art, poetry or theatre, Bani has proven to be one of the most articulate artists of our generation. Rachel is a young violinist, pianist and composer who recently returned from overseas study, and who has largely honed her musical and experimental sensibilities from playing and collaborating with musicians in France and Germany. Bani and Rachel played their first show together in December 2015, exploring the rich interplay between percussion and violin, a form of chamber music of extended techniques. Curator: Mark Wong, Ujikaji Mark Wong conceived Ujikaji as an independent music label and organiser of DIY music events. Ujikaji means “experiment” in Malay, and the label’s interests lie in the curation of experimental music, with a special focus on Southeast Asian artists and sounds. The label supports independent artists with platforms to perform their music, as well as in producing and releasing their music, and establishing a complementary partnership that allows them to focus on the creative aspects of music-making. Ujikaji has released works by Magus (Leslie Low and Mark Dolmont), Dream State Vision (Shaun Sankaran), Awk Wah (Shark Fung), The Observatory, Pan Gu (Leslie Low and Lasse Marhaug) and Tim O’Dwyer.

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Date & Time

9 May – 10 May
9 May at 19:15 to 10 May at 20:45


Esplanade Concourse
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore S038981


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