BuwanBuwan Bakunawa: Collective Culture feat. Young Liquid Gang

BuwanBuwan Bakunawa: Collective Culture feat. Young Liquid Gang

2 August 2018
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BuwanBuwan Bakunawa: Collective Culture feat. Young Liquid Gang

Seapunk, Chillwave, Future Beats, Kawaii R&B
Entrance: ₱200
LIVE Bakunawa Beat Cypher, 7-9PM
LIVE Electronic performances, 9PM 'til late by:
Meh Shua

+ + + About Young Liquid Gang + + +

YLG was formed in 2013 by Rome Gomez (no rome), Zeon Gomez (U-Pistol), and Ethan Namoch (COEXIST). Ditching their former band together and picking up individual laptops, synths, and mics; YLG was inspired by soundcloud culture and the genres that came with it—Seapunk, Vaporwave, Jersey, Future Beats, and more—eventually bypassing local barriers to gain international traction.

With Zeon joining a Japanese label, followed by Rome joining a UK label, and Ethan migrating to Australia, YLG was laid to rest. But in their wake are the continuing journeys of both former members, and younger producers inspired by the collective.

+ + + About BuwanBuwan Collective + + +

Rounding up like-minded friends to play on each other’s ideas was what Manila producer Similarobjects had in mind in 2011, when he formed the BuwanBuwan Collective. "BuwanBuwan" refers to an ancient Filipino children’s game enacting the lunar eclipse, where players form a circle around the "tayâ" or "it" (called the Bakunawa), and each player has equal chance to be at the center.

Being an odd fit for both the live band and DJ scenes locally, BuwanBuwan Collective decided to play by our own rules. Thus, our events are as much about people making noise as they are about collectively reclaiming the night—sharing it with the like-minded listeners game enough to join us every month.

+ + + About BuwanBuwan's Bakunawa Beat Cypher + + +

each participant will be drawing from a huge list of random creative prompts/restrictions/rules and will be tasked to go against other participants in a timed beat making cypher.

if you're looking for a fun creative exercise / exchange (imagine a real life iron chef but for beat makers!) and a chance to connect with your fellow beat-makers just register in this link below: