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Café 21 Living Room – Jessmo

17 January 2015 – 18 January 2015

Café 21 Living Room – Jessmo


Described as alluring, heartfelt, and profound, the songs of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Jessmo are based on the intense relationships she had with people she met during her travels over the past few years. Accompanied on the piano, Jessmo brings a heartbreaking yet beautiful series of songs about young love, including an acoustic performance of her newly released electronic single, You & I. Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Jessmo has been based in Western Europe for the last year, where she has performed in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Galway and London. Her recent electronic debut single, You & I, is an uplifting modern pop track co-produced with local music producer, Jason Jaydos Chong. She quips, “Being passionate is one of the best feelings in the world. There is a difference between living and existing. I don’t want to merely exist like most people here. Someday, I’m gonna be standing on a big stage and be thinking to myself, ‘Yes, I did it’.”

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Date & Time

17 January – 18 January
17 January at 17:00 to 18 January at 19:30


Esplanade Concourse
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore S038981


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