Canvas & Rocking Good Records presents Shake 'N Bake

Canvas & Rocking Good Records presents Shake 'N Bake

8 April 2017
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Door: $20 + 1 drink

Line up:
Kosh (RGR)
Mad Jester (RGR)

Rocking Good is a neoteric label based in Singapore. The label aims to serve as a platform for uprising talents uniting the passionate against the saturation of DJs in the scene.

These few individuals aim to take their craft one step further, introducing new materials that fit the ever changing sound of the music industry.

Although he's a fresh face in the industry, he isn't just another one of those push play DJs! Apart from regular mixing, DJ TMO incorporates a strong turntablist element into his sets. DJ TMO has performed at various private events, bars, and clubs—more notably ZOUK (PHUTURE), ALTIMATE, and F.CLUB. He has also taken part in competitions such as the 2015 ABCDJ Championship, in which he was one of the few finalists. That very year, he was also approached to be a showcase DJ for the PIONEER DJM S9 launch in Singapore.

KOHSH first started DJ-ing back in Singapore Polytechnic year 2011 under the guidance of Singpoare’s one and only DMC World Finalist DJ Rattle. Kohsh then began to see greater achievements in the field as he started to pick up turntablism. Countless opportunities like freshmen parties, school proms, company D&Ds and etc. started coming which later led to his appearance in public places such as big clubs like Altimate, F.Club and etc.

Mad Jester
Mad Jester isn’t just any ordinary DJ. A champion of Republic Polytechnic's EMP Live Mix Maestro 2014 and Pioneer’s Controller Battle Singapore 2014, this aspiring turntablist is a proud member of the Singapore Polytechnic Disc Jockeys and a student of DJ Rattle. Whether it’s showcasing his competitive skill or performing club sets, Mad Jester never fails to hype the crowd with his unique skills and passion for music.

Table Packages:
1 Bottle of Veuve Clicquot
1 bottle of House Vodka/Whisky

2 Bottles of Veuve Clicquot
1 Bottle of Nikka All Malt/Grey Goose/ Belvedere
1 Bottle of Jaegermeister

4 Bottles of Veuve Clicquot
2 bottles of Nikka All Malt/Grey Goose/ Belvedere

Table Reservations:
+65 9169 3815

*Club rules apply.