2 June 2017
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Join us for a special lunchtime concert for children where you and your child can play along with the musicians! Children are welcome to be themselves, groove along, and be exposed to the world of music. 

This concert is suitable for children above 0.5 years old. The concert venue would have play mats and some musical instruments for your child to play along with. The music is also carefully chosen to appeal to both babies and adults and performed by professional musicians, ranging from harpists to string quartets. All concerts include a short talk about music and the instruments. At the end of each performance, kids are also encouraged to touch or even try the instruments. 

More information about the performances will be updated closer to the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the performers?

ACM is working together with Play with Mozart to present this series. They specialize in bringing classical music concerts for children (from babies to older children!) as this is the age mostly not catered for by traditional concert halls. Find out more about them here! 

My child is very active and sometimes noisy. Is he/ she required to sit still for the duration?

Absolutely not. Children are free to dance and roam about. They can even crawl around and sit right by the performers. Your child is also free to interact with other children - it's really a concert for your child to have fun!

What can I do after the concerts?

This series is part of our June Holiday school programme, Fun-tastic Friday. We have craft activities, workshops, and storytelling tours happening till 5pm, every Friday in June. The best part of it? Our entire museum will be free during this period, including our two new special exhibition, Joseon Korea and Ghost Nets of the Ocean. 

Image courtesy of Play with Mozart.