China Music House | Pingtan x Jazz

China Music House | Pingtan x Jazz

8 February 2017
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A dazzling musical meeting between modern jazz and a traditional storytelling art form.

China Music House presents a refreshing take on pingtan, one of the most well-known ancient storytelling art forms in China, infused with modern jazz elements.

This quintet of established jazz musicians reinvents Chinese ethnic art forms, creating revolutionary crossover experiences that bring the worlds of the modern and the traditional together. Pingtan has roots in Suzhou, China that stretch back over 400 years, and is listed as one of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage forms.

This concert features China Music House collaborating with Gao Bowen, a China National First Grade performer and vice-president of the Shanghai Pingtan Troupe, and up-and-coming pingtan artist Lu Jinhua. Together, they present a modern take of pingtan classics, accompanied by multimedia visuals, creating an unforgettable musical experience.