Cool & Good at Hood

Cool & Good at Hood

1 July 2017
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Royal Estate and Niine will be playing their first shows at Hood Bar & Cafe. Head down for some cool and good vibes.

1800 - Astronauts

Voyeurs of a new musical frontier, the Astronauts galvanise old-school RnB with slick new age funk. Formed in June 2016, the band is a quintet of like-minded musicians brought together by the love of all things funky and soulful. After being crowned champions of the inaugural “Stärker Music Carnival” in 2016, the boys have since released their debut single “Get Close” along with its accompanying music video. Following their success, the Astronauts continue to shake up the music scene. Having recently opened for Tim DeCotta’s “Warrior” album launch, the band has also played at noteworthy local festivals such as “Gastrobeats@iLight 2017”, “100 Bands Festival”, “Singapore Night Festival” and “City65 Music Festival”. To date, the band has shared the stage with notable artists such as Charlie Lim, Disco Hue and Stopgap. Rocketing for the future, the Astronauts are currently working to release their debut EP.

1845 - Cadence

Cadence is a Singaporean alternative rock band. A quintet mix of musicians who’ve played in the local indie scene for years and three who are diving into it for the first time. The line-up merges experience with fresh eyes and ears to create an energetic rock outfit with a strong emphasis on melodies and concise arrangements. The band’s music draws from an array of stylistic influences spanning everything from 90s pop-rock to post-hardcore of the early 2000s. The band’s live performances are energetic, sometimes intense, but always hopeful. Their camaraderie contagious as it bleeds off the stage and into the audience; drawing them to join in the ruckus.

1930 - Niine

Tom goes under the alias, Niine – a name so symbolic and a number so personally meaningful. Nine represents the number of letter I's in Tom's actual name, a fact only revealed to those he is close with.
Passionately active in the local music circuit since 2005, Tom has been in countless bands, supporting as guitarist, bassist or vocalist. It was his stint with electronic post-rock outfit, Aquila Vasica, as the lead vocalist that pushed him to pursue his own solo career.
Exchanging his screamo-nurtured vocals for one that is soulful, poppy, and R&B-like, Tom takes a leap of faith into a foreign genre with his debut single, Young Mess.


Royal Estate is a four-piece pop rock outfit based in Singapore. The collective comprising of individuals stemming from different musical backgrounds, Royal Estate strives to bring about a brand of pop that is fresh yet melodic, guaranteed to have you put your dancing shoes on.

Royal Estate is currently in the studio working on their debut 5-track EP.