Dick Lee's The Mad Chinaman 30th Anniversary Concert

Dick Lee's The Mad Chinaman 30th Anniversary Concert

15 September 2019
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Dick Lee's The Mad Chinaman 30th Anniversary
Sunday, 15 September 2019, 7.30pm @ Esplanade Concert Hall

Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra
& The Joy Chorale (Khor Ai Ming, director)
Denise Tan

Adrian Tan, conductor

Dick Lee needs no introduction, as one of Singapore’s most well-known leading lights in the arts scene. In this concert, BHSO and TJC will team up with the singer-songwriter-director in a celebration of the 30th anniversary of “The Mad Chinaman”, the iconic sophomore album that catapulted him into prominence in Singapore and beyond.

“The Mad Chinaman” is a seminal work, one of the first pop albums exploring what it means to have a multicultural identity as a Singaporean. 30 years on, it remains relevant and its themes continue to resonate with Singaporeans. Familiar favourites to be performed at the concert include “Windchime Song” and “The Centre of Asia”, which will feature The Joy Chorale.

This collaborative concert promises to be a fun and engaging trip down memory lane, and at the same time a musical exploration of how our Singapore national identity has evolved over the years

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