EDMosphere Asia

EDMosphere Asia

29 January 2017
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EDMosphere Asia is a music festival that brings popular and renowned deejays to cities across Asia- Singapore being the very first stop!

Perfect for dance and electronic music enthusiasts, Electronic Dance Music, a thriving culture in the world has taken an increasingly firmer foothold in Asia. Its spurting growth has added new life to the apparently saturated music arena in the region.

As EDM preaches a culture of peace, love, unity and respect which becomes a physical embodiment at music festivals . this fastest growing genres in the music industry is now bracing Singapore with its catchy tunes and thrilling beats.

The local scene will pioneer its first ever home brand EDMosphere Asia. Event line up includes an all-female DJs – pumping the heartbeat of the local music industry with its massive community of female DJs, music, producers, aficionados and fans.

Be part of EDMosphere Asia with all our reowned FEMALE DEEJAYS and MC! Bring your dancing shoes (or none!) and get ready to spin with us!