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EML30: Independent Electronic Music Festival

12 December 2015

EML30: Independent Electronic Music Festival


Come 12 December, Singapore’s local electronic music trailblazers and enthusiasts will convene at the bustling rooftop space of Lepark (People’s Park Complex) to celebrate 30 years of electronic music in Singapore with Electronic Music Lab. EML30 will also feature the first ever meet-up of vintage, modular and analog synthesiser collectors in Singapore. -------- Details: NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML) is proud to present EML30: An Electronic Music Festival, the first ever cross-genre independent electronic music festival in Singapore. Bringing electronic music students, leading local electronic musicians, and instrument collectors together, EML30 will not only stage a comprehensive afternoon of electronic music, but also a masterclass forum engaging the challenges of working professionals answering to the Singaporean work-life balance rhetoric, while juggling academic and professional commitments with their musical pursuits. Performances EML30 will showcase performances by electronic musicians Ocean’s Children, Mitch Advent, Brannlum and newly formed collective Kids with Laptops amongst others who have performed at clubs, concert halls and the Esplanade, in a spectacle of auditory, visual and tactile experiences that will engage the musical spirits and minds of all. Hands-on Workshops and Exhibition Learn more about electronic music and the Electronic Music Lab in the interactive exhibitions and workshops. Visitors will get to try their hand at creating electronic sounds and tunes on the latest synthesisers, MIDI controllers and Launchpads at the hands-on workshops. Panel Discussions 2 Music Panels on building the state of electronic music in Singapore, and cultivating the next generation of talents. TERTIARY PANEL: Stereometa, EMP, SUTD Scratch, Jeff Hue (Canvas Conversations) moderated by Sean Yap (nanowander) INDUSTRY PANEL: Jay Lim, Kevin Ho (, Cherry Chen (Syndicate), Michael Spicer (DMAT), Redmoon, Benjamin Ang (Cosmic Armchair / EML) moderated by Emily Haw ( EML30 is not just a celebration of electronic music of the past, but also a toast to electronic musicians of tomorrow. Some of the greatest stories ever told are not of inordinate success, but of inordinate striving towards it. It is the 30 years before, and the 30 years after.

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Date & Time

12 December at 12:00–18:00


1 Park Road Level 6 People's Park Complex, Singapore 059108


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