Esplanade Foreword February: ExtraOrdinary Expressions (Song-signing)

Esplanade Foreword February: ExtraOrdinary Expressions (Song-signing)

11 February 2018
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Song-signing incorporates facial and body expressions, movements and signs invented to fit the unique interpretation of a song. In this meaningful performance, deaf song-signers from ExtraOrdinary Horizons led by director and founder Lily Goh collaborate with pianist Julian Wong and young talents Hannah Nordin (vocals) and Abdul Wafi (percussion), to present songs about empowerment and rising to challenges.  Learn to song-sign a verse and sign along with the artists.     

ExtraOrdinary Horizons (EO Horizons) is a social enterprise whose vision is to create an inclusive society where the disadvantaged gain confidence in their own abilities. They aim to promote deaf awareness through sign language courses, workshops, outreach programmes, interpretation/translation services and performances. EO Horizons also aims to help the deaf better integrate into mainstream society and to be accepted for who they are. Their song-signing, percussion and acting/pantomime performances also contribute to the development and support of the deaf performing arts scene in Singapore. 

Julian Wong is a music director, arranger, and accompanist. 

Hannah Nordin (age 20) loves to express herself through music. She joined ITE's That Acappella Group and has sang at events such as the 2015 Grand Prix Opening, ITE Vocal XChange, and at the Esplanade Concourse. She hopes to inspire others through the power of music.

Abdul Wafi (age 18) has always loved to sing and play percussion since he was a young boy. He honed his skills at ITE West Unplugged and has performed at ITE Vocal XChange, *SCAPE, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, etc. He wants to rewrite the stars.