Esplanade Foreword February: Movoda

Esplanade Foreword February: Movoda

9 February 2018
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Movoda features the lyrical prowess of Voodoo Sounds and its electronic sound, merged with the funky rhythms and high energy of MOTUS and the rhythmical and melodic nuances of Damaru Singapore.

The set is a mash-up of originals by MOTUS, such as Kecoh, Tie dye boy and All You Needed Was Dance, Damaru Singapore’s Hara Gangey, Mor Bani Thangat Kare, Acchanthavir and Sangha and the Voodoo sound’s Tears.


Experience different colours of emotions over a short period of time!

About The Voodoo Sound
The Voodoo Sound is a rap-rock band from Singapore whose music shows a sliver of ethnic influences. The diverse racial backgrounds of the band members shape their sound. With their extensive performances ranging from drumming up a scene on the streets, to tearing down stages in music festivals and events, expect nothing less than an audiovisual-gasmic experience.

Love, Togetherness and Expression makes up the core of MOTUS. With a strong musical direction rooted in samba music, MOTUS (Latin for movement) is made up of individuals from diverse musical backgrounds. At the heart of MOTUS are the bateria players that give the band its batucada edge. Complementing the bateria is a line-up of vocalists and instrumentalists who add a distinct style of melody and harmonies that keep their music current and engaging. The band aims to convey this message through their music and choreography. Their vision is to create infectious music that resonates with their audiences.

About Damaru
Damaru Singapore is an Indian percussion organization made up of enthusiasts and professionals who are passionate and committed to uplifting the craft of traditional Indian drums. They showcase traditional Indian drums in their contemporary street style performances, producing a unique blend of Indian drumming. Their purpose is to make Indian drumming accessible, and to create awareness and appreciation for the art. Their vision is to foster a community of Indians regardless of age and gender, bonded through Indian drumming as a lifestyle.