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Esplanade Foreword February: Simply Love

15 February 2018

Esplanade Foreword February: Simply Love


Groove Factory presents love songs of different genres, and a special dance segment to look forward to. The band takes this opportunity to express the different types of love that they have experienced, and dedicates the performance to those who love them like family.

About Groove Factory
Joash Edelstein, drummer, had always wanted to set up a band with keyboardist Kumar Morgan for the longest time, and with Isuru and Nilesh, it finally came into form in its first iteration as Musiq over Mustache, when they entered the Dhoom Super Band Competition. Kumar was awarded the Best Keyboardist Award, while the band came in third place in the competition. Today, Groove Factory has performed at All Things New at Esplanade, Nenjukulle 2 (Vasantham), Sid Sriram in Singapore, Kalaa Utsavam 2017, and Sarvesh Festival at the FORT.

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Date & Time

15 February at 19:30–23:00


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre