Esplanade Presents: Red Dot August - Krysta Joy

Esplanade Presents: Red Dot August - Krysta Joy

30 August 2018
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Krysta Joy began her foray into music at the tender age of eight. Starting off with percussion, she developed a love for gospel and R&B grooves, and soon learned to play the piano and guitar. She also quickly picked up songwriting. Throughout her teenage years, she further honed her guitar skills as a soloist, striving to match melodies with moving lyrics.

Joy knew she wanted to find ways to inject R&B influences and merge them with her folk sensibilities. After enrolling in LASALLE College of the Arts, she met other talented musicians who shared the same interests as her, and they have since collaborated on musical explorations together. She hopes to eventually transform what’s in her heart into stories that can be heard by the masses.

In 2017, she was taken under the wings of electronic R&B songstress Vanessa “Vandetta” Fernandez and singer-songwriter Jack Ho (one half of the duo, Jack & Rai) in the Noise Music Mentorship Programme. She has since gained invaluable experience by performing at various events and was awarded the Noise Singapore Award by the National Arts Council.

30 Aug, Thu
7 – 7.30pm & 7.45 – 8.15pm