Fiesta del ¡Loco!: No Way, ‎José!

Fiesta del ¡Loco!: No Way, ‎José!

19 November 2016
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Come 19th November, GyeJin and Red Baron will be teaming to bring you Fiesta del ¡Loco!: No Way, ‎José! Gear up for a latino affair as Malan Road becomes a barrio for a day.

Ever wanted to go to Mexico, but never had a chance to? Well, this block party might just be the thing for you! Watch the space transform into a lil slice of Mexico. Pinatas, paper streamers, Day of the Dead altars, you name it. Don't forget about the food too: tacos and burritos by Red Baron. And last but not least, a tequila kart, where the shots will be coming straight to you.

FLEA MARKET: 2pm - 8:00pm
LA MUSICA: 4pm till late

We'll be having a flea market, where you'll be spoilt for choice with trinkets galore. Facepainting, dressups, and all that jazz. There'll be live bands too, if you wanna see more. Come night time you'll see, what a house party it'll be. We'll be playing reggaeton like we in da hood, so long as you're in the mood.

-Admission is free-