Gabriel Lynch at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Gabriel Lynch at The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

29 January 2017
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Australian indie hero, Gabriel Lynch reached the end of 2016 with a bang. Over a few short months, he released an explosive and provocative new single (“Language of the Affair” featuring Jennifer Lackgren), he was featured on the soundtrack for the Thai blockbuster, From Bangkok to Mandalay, and he was nominated for several awards including the AIM 22 (often referred to as Malaysia’s Grammy Awards) andThe American Songwriting Awards.

In 2017, Lynch will return to the road to perform and promote all of his recent works, along with a catalog of yet to be released songs.

Gabriel Lynch returns to The Esplanade as part of the All Things New showcase on January 27th and 29th. 

On the 27th, Lynch will take to The Concourse for an evening soiree dedicated to his trademark acoustic storytelling, the very means by which Lynch gained his notoriety.

On the 29th, he will take to The Outdoor Theatre with a full band in tow to signal the end of the Chinese New Year weekend, and bring the house down with his extravagant and cathartic new stage show.

For fans of a traditional approach to folk and pop music, with a sophisticated rock and indie twist, these two unique performances are an absolute must.