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.gif (SG) in Manila

11 December 2015

.gif (SG) in Manila


with: John Pope Zomtendo sewage worker (Pow Martinez) Nautilus (Kyle Quismundo + Miggy Concepcion) ======= weish and din treat .gif as a space of freedom, respite, and honesty. They strive to make electronic music that combines lush soundscapes with lyrics that are intensely personal and hopefully, meaningful. Major influences include electronic acts such as Frou Frou, The Analog Girl, Boards of Canada, and Thievery Corporation. They also derive much inspiration from bands such as Alt-J and The xx, as well as many seminal Singaporean bands, such as Plainsunset and Serenaide. ".gif (pronounced "dot jif") is an electronic duo (comprised of Weish and Din) based in Singapore, who embody the quality of experimentation. "Juvenile" sounds distinctly different from some of their other singles such as "Song Six" and "For Frost", priding themselves on being eclectic yet simplistic while avoiding consistency.....'Juvenile' fully captures the warmness a synthesizer can create, while utilizing organic beat arrangements to mess with our emotions. Weish's vocals are deep, introspective and Björk-esque, while the textured electronic backdrop is masterfully arranged by Din. What more could we ask for when it comes to the Daily 2%?" (Bronte, Earmilk. 3 June 2013). ".gif embodies the illusion of data passing off as real-life moving images by giving us an electronic amalgamation of observatory life with shades of melancholy, hope and resolution. While usually accompanied by ukulele, Weish finds the embrace of warm textures courtesy of Din, with synthesizers and beat arrangements assembling base emotions into the soul of a machine" (Brian, The Guardian/Music Alliance Pact. December 2012 Issue). "Singaporean electronic music scene will probably never stop amazing us. So far, thanks to I’m Waking Up To…, we got to know two magnificent artists – Fauxe and Kiat. Now, it is time to introduce a duo called .gif. Their debut single is Diatribe and it is kind of track that stays in your head for a really long time. Excellent vocal by Weish and perfect, deep music created by Din – this is the secret!" (Mikołaj, Other Side of Music Blog. December 2012).

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

11 December at 21:00–01:00
11 December at 21:00 to 12 December at 01:00


Today x Future
7-T Gen. Malvar St., Araneta Centre, Cubao, Q.C., Quezon City 1109, Philippines


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