Habouji Presents Colonial II

9 March 2018
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Greetings Mischievous Saints and Troubled Slags.

The self-acclaimed princes of Habouji have returned with another edition of your favorite series: Colonial.


We can’t reveal information pertaining to the event but we can promise to bring forth a fusion of History, Hip-Hop, Techno and Artistic vandalism. Colonial will be orchestrated on four floors in a private location, and it’s not where your ignoble mind is thinking.

This ceremony is orchestrated for the primary purpose of encouraging hypnotic gesticulations and conventionally inappropriate physical caressing.

These tools we believe, shall serve as powerful instruments in enhancing both social lubrication and bar sales.


Rumor has it, a champion of the Pioneer DJ Middle East is flying in from Dubai while a producer, musician and DJ who performs the guitar, piano, analogue synthesizer, launch pad, all while Djing will be making his way down from Berlin but we’re not really into gossip.


Please note that this is a private event and the event location will not be revealed unless you’ve managed to snap yourself an invitation by emailing ibby@boujee.sg or messaging the Habouji page on Facebook. We hear your chances of getting invited are slim but hey, too much of St Ives apricot scrub never killed anyone.

If you do suffer from lifestyle inflation, you will be offered a voucher for two complimentary roti prata and unlimited fish curry refills upon entry. Do please bring along your credit card statement for verification.

Thank you for your time.