Hiss From The Moat Asia Tour MMXVII Singapore

Hiss From The Moat Asia Tour MMXVII Singapore

8 January 2017
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Nuclear Blast Records' band, Hiss From The Moat, will be bringing their heart pounding blackened death metal to Singapore on 8/1/2017. 

About Hiss From The Moat

"Hiss From The Moat are a death/black metal band formed in 2006 by James Payne (ex Hour of Penance and Vital Remains), Carlo Cremascoli (ex Tasters), Giacomo Poli (ex Stigma - currently Doomsayer). After writing and recording the first EP “The Carved Flesh Message” the band starts playing shows as headliners and main support for bands such as Skeletonwitch, The Black Dahlia Murder, Psycroptic and also playing shows and festivals around Europe (Fance, Belgium, Germany). In 2010 the band stops playing live shows and some member will join other bands. In 2012 the band gets back in studio to write their first album. The band comes out in October 2013 with the first full length called “Misanthropy” for Nuclear Blast Records and Lacerated Enemy Records; the album includes guests from Fleshgod Apocalypse and The Black Dahlia Murder. In 2014 Gabriel Dubko (Implore) joins the band as a frontman and the band starts working on new material. In 2015 the band slow down after James joins Vital Remains and moves to the USA. In 2016 James quits Vital Remains to fully dedicate on the new Hiss From The Moat material and the band starts rehearsing to prepare a full live show and announce a new album in the making."

Supporting the tour will be Indonesia death metal tyrants, Revenge, who released their album, Omega, which was very well received in Indonesia and hitting the top 10 chart on Rolling Stones Indonesia. 

About Revenge:

"Started in 2006 by Rifki Bachtiar and Auliya Akbar.REVENGE has easily become one of the prominent names in Indonesia extreme metal scene. sweeping complex riffs, drums as devastating as a sonic massive beat, and truly horror vocal ,Rifki Bachtiar, Raja Humunatar, Rizky Adtyawarman, Rabindra Femzar Oewen and Auliya Akbar have created an exceptional concept Death Metal horde.

The brutal extreme metal debut masterpiece,delivered through an essential local underground label Rottrevore Records-Global.Suffering.Disease(2009), Revenge marks the start of a new chapter in career. Global.Suffering.Disease was hailed as a breakthrough, heavy, young brutal beating, and emotionally fueled record.

For the writing and recording of the second album Prelude to Omega(2010) or the first chapter of the planned Trilogy album in the essence of World End, REVENGE sought out a new Guitarist and recruited Rabindra Femzar Oewen who joined the devastating combo of Raja Humuntar on guitar. In terms of the writing on “Prelude to Omega", Revenge pointing to expand and explore more dynamics, combining more diverse, and integrating intensity. It took the Five of us really forcing ourselves, and diving deep into the question of who we are as musicians to create something very special. We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have in store. We are hailing “Prelude to Omega” as the big progress!

REVENGE has started to write “The Omega” the next chapter of the trilogy, Revenge’s stated on the coming chapter “its more deep, more intense and more dark. we are digging the new element on our music!and its 2012!”."

We have 3 more local supporting bands who needs no introduction to the scene. 

Bestial War Black Metal band, BALBERITH, Melodic Death Metal stalwarts, Assault and Guttural Deathcore, DYETH

Date: 8/1/2017

Time: 5pm

Venue: Hood Bar and Cafe

Ticket Price

Advance $35

At the door $45

2x Weekender $55 (Include ticket to SiksakubuR Mazmur 187 Tour Live in Singapore) 

All entry comes with 1 drink.