27 October 2017
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27 Oct | Fri | 9pm | PHP 250
(4992 P. Guanzon St. Barangay Poblacion Makati)

One of the six major acts of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, HIVE will be the locus of intersection for a variety of different hives, a site for exchange between independent labels and initiatives, a venue featuring performances by a number independent artists who work within the confines of the familiar yet are in continual pursuit of the new.

The HIVE is static yet remains in perpetual flux; it is a place of dwelling, and yet it always in the process of being built by its constituents, arriving at various methods of self-organization. It is the zone of a community that produces itself for itself and by itself, a community constantly abuzz life treading familiar territory but always attempting to expand, to diversify, to find points of intersection.

PERFORMERS: Yurei | Joee and I | Pastilan Dong! | Panzerschreck | Bombo Pluto Ova (Cebu) | Visuals by Sublingua, Submachines

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Yūrei is a four-piece band from Manila that does not purport to be the progenitor of any kind of original music but instead draw stylistic quotations from genres such as grunge, indie rock, post-punk, and noise to create songs wherein various sounds are set in opposition, competing for dominance in a music that is always indeterminate, always emergent, and always becoming. Their lyrics careen toward the surreal, the absurd, and the intertextual, utilizing language as an instrument to explore the ideas of failure, collaboration, and contemporary problems in digital media and culture. In 2016, they released their debut album Random Schizoid Godhead Generator to critical acclaim, and they are currently working on its follow up titled Soft Limit.

Joee & I is an avant-pop electronica solo project of Joee Mejias, a musician and a multimedia artist from Manila. Armed with a laptop, kalimba, bells and shakers, and a melodica, she churns out melodies that sing in complex contrapuntal arrangements. Everything one would expect from this electronic act is here—looping riffs, unexpected twists and vocals that stroke, smash, stomp, scream and kiss. She has performed in Southeast Asia, Canada, and around the Philippines, sharing her unique brand of electronic music infused with flavorful instruments she's picked up along her musical journey. She has recently released her debut album entitled To The End Of The World in a collaborative multimedia concert of the same title.

Uly, Jared, Joey and Pao of the defuncts Phantom Sizemore and Boomerang, continue their sound odyssey as Panzershreck: a new project stepping forward to a raw, chaotic, texture-conscious, Kraut, neo-psychedelic delight.

A coalescence of the esoteric and the mundane; a constellation of melodics and dissonants.

Panzershreck is music and sound-- an ensemble of amusement and bemusement, euphoria and melancholy, transgression and honesty.

“Pastilan Dong! is nothing” –Kaloy Olavides

Bombo Pluto Ova who have antennas out into different genres, formed in 2006.Their most recent lineup consists of John ( ORDENARYO ) Guitar, Vocals, Sam ( Electricwasteland ) Vocals, Bass and Eng ( Baboon E ) Vocals, Drums.

Since 2006, they have remained an underground and SECRET BAND, Bombo Pluto Ova carried out their interpretation of the DIY and Blues ethos. The group merged many of their broader influences creating a body of work that is in an ambitious, experimental format which continues to raise more stylistic questions than it answers. Simplistically, they have created a cult phenomenon of just being, just doing.

Sublingua Submachines (Pauline and Ivan Despi)

IVAN DESPI is an illustrator, design director and animator who along his wife, Pauline, runs The Acid House; an artist collective involved in design and animation. He has done music videos for musicians such as Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, Queso and most recently for California DJ - Bassnectar.

PAULINE DESPI synthesizes percussive and mechanical sound into video and animation, to create her brand of uniquely narrative fiction. She has collaborated with fellow visual artists, musicians, dancers and sound artist in various live, un-rehearsed visual performances and exhibits and has recently done visuals for Joey Ayala’s Mandiriwa concert for a song called ‘Magkaugnay.’