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Hood Bar Saturday Original Sessions

27 September 2014

Hood Bar Saturday Original Sessions


The return of the Saturdays Originals Session will see a plethora of undiscovered gems in the local indie scene as they belt out their original tunes and compositions for an hour at the outlet. Hood Bar and Café has long been recognised as the ideal venue for local music, as evidenced in their décor, which reflected a rather quirky atmosphere – seen also in their Facebook photo albums. With a wall mural that showcases a mix of Western and Eastern icons, while also throwing in characters and peculiar-looking creatures that can only be inspired by local artists, the scene in Hood can be described as truly electrifying. Through the aid of JBL’s local distributor, Mahajak SKM Electronics, the cosy bar was transformed into a music hall with full-scaled concert-ready system. It is Hood Bar and Café's long-term aim to raise awareness of local talents who with original music and content, and also allow the world a chance to see, hear and experience the original works of Singapore's original bands. Hood believes the journey for the unearthing of Singapore has just begun.

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Free + F&B Charges

Date & Time

27 September at 19:30–22:30


Hood Bar & Café
Singapore Bugis+ (formerly Iluma), 201 Victoria St, #05-07, S188067


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