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 INTERMISSION at Lithe Paralogue

4 July 2015

INTERMISSION at Lithe Paralogue


INTERMISSION at Lithe Paralogue. Lithe Paralogue will be on intermission for a month or two due to the electrical maintenance works that will be carried out from 6th July onwards but before we go all silent at the studio, we'll blast it with one last hurrah! Featuring: Iman's League Forests Windtree Hauste Xingfoo&Roy Travelog (aka Syed Hafiz of Tapestry) Widower's Palms (aka Damian of For Better Endings) Time: 5pm Entry: $10 Location: 1b Aliwal Street 7 acts to blow your night away this Saturday so COME! P.S. A donation box will be opened for those who wish to help us ease the burden of dealing with the impending silence ahead. Thank you in advance. :)

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Date & Time

4 July at 17:00–20:00


The Lithe Paralogue Studio
1B Aliwal St, Singapore 199894


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