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Jazz Edge: Afterglow

19 January 2014

Jazz Edge: Afterglow


Dedicated to Esplanade's jazz mentorship programme, Bright Young Things, Jazz Edge invites past participants to share the stage with fellow young jazz musicians and showcase their diverse jazz styles, influenced by a variety of music genres including hip hop. Young jazz artists from bands such as Afterglow and Butter Chiclets perform a blend of vocal, contemporary and classic jazz. First, pour in two cups of jazz. Let the swing, bossanova and samba simmer gently before adding a pinch of the blues. Next, turn up the heat and stir in a handful of funk. Once completely dissolved, pour out the concoction and serve with soul and hip hop, and let the groovy goodness of Afterglow melt in your mouth.

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Date & Time

19 January at 19:30–21:45


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre