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Joie Tan & Gentle Bones

5 February 2014 – 6 February 2014

Joie Tan & Gentle Bones


Performing under the moniker of Gentle Bones, Joel Tan started writing tunes at the age of 16, and, in the short span of three years, became an established act in the local music scene. Whilst he has been labelled a ‘folk’, ‘indie’ and ‘pop’ singer, it is hard to classify his music. Joel would like to think of his music as an ever-changing landscape of expression as he believes that fixating on a singular term will not only restrict his creative abilities but cause him to lose his true musical identity in the process. With so much talent bubbling underneath, it is only a matter of time before Joie Tan joins the ranks of the best local musicians. At 17 this year, her foray into the limelight began in 2008 when she uploaded her videos on YouTube. Her resonant vocals beautify any song that passes through her lips. Her personality intertwines with every note, ensuring that each song is marked with her unique signature. On top of all that, each note is accompanied by an airy after-touch, a refreshing, reassuring sound that adds serenity to any moment.

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Date & Time

5 February – 6 February
5 February at 19:15 to 6 February at 20:45


Esplanade Concourse
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore S038981

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