Joseph Koo "Love & Blessings" Charity Concert 顧嘉煇《因为有爱》慈善演唱会

Joseph Koo "Love & Blessings" Charity Concert 顧嘉煇《因为有爱》慈善演唱会

3 June 2017
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Pre-booking of preferential donation tickets of $2,000 (Sponsor), $500 (VIP), $350 (CAT 1), $250 (CAT 2) and $150 (CAT 3) is now only available via Ren Ci Hospital (Karen @ 6355 6428). 

All donation tickets booked directly with Ren Ci Hospital will entitle donor to income tax deduction of 250 percent the amount donated. br>
SISTIC ticket sales will start on 25 March 2017 

Sponsor Ticket & Dinner Package: 
Be a sponsor of this charity concert! Every Sponsor ticket purchased includes pre-concert banquet dinner and a memorabilia gift bag. 

Remember those childhood years when you cozy up at home every Sunday night with your family to catch "Ah Wai" and "Hei Mun" and be totally drawn into all the family drama? 

Yes, those were the good old days of many TVB Cantonese TV serials which were so much a part of our lives! Be it "The Shanghai Bund" by Frances Yip or "Man In the Net" by Teresa Cheung, these instantly recognisable tunes are just some of the many top hits by Hong Kong's most prolific maestro Joseph Koo! 

Titled Joseph Koo "Love & Blessings" Charity Concert, Joseph Koo will lead this concert comprising renown Hong Kong Cantopop artistes such as Frances Yip, Johnny Ip, Teresa Cheung, Eliza Chan, Luo Jia Liang and Ruco Chan. 

Come join us for a nostalgic journey through the years and the timeless hits that have provided us with so much joy and memories through the past 4 decades. 

Don't miss this chance to catch them LIVE in Singapore, as well as do your bid for this charitable cause. All ticket proceeds will benefit the less privileged at Ren Ci Hospital.