Juni & JEEPband live at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Juni & JEEPband live at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

26 May 2017
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JEEPband is a dynamic pop rock outfit made up of MICappella members Juni (lead vocals) and Peter (vocal percussion), as well as Super Band alumni Estella (vocals and keyboard) and Jee Yon (guitar). Their tight grooves and lush harmonies command the stage and are the highlight of the quartet's performances.

Q&A session with Juni & JEEPband

What can the audience expect from your performance?
As a quartet, JEEPband's taste in music varies from Disney theme songs to high octane rock songs. Artists from the ’80s like Michael Jackson, Queen, Journey, Bon Jovi, etc will definitely make it into the set list, and with the addition of a vocal percussionist instead of a drummer, expect things to be a little interesting. Light-hearted, often comic bantering will accompany the songs, and the audience will not only get to know the band a little better, but also reminisce the songs they've grown up with.

What was your favourite song growing up?
While all my friends were listening to boybands like Backstreet Boys and Westlife, I was a proud Spice Girls fan, and one of my favourite songs by them was the highly infectious Wannabe.

What are your favourite songs from the ’80s and ’90s?
Personally, I am an ’80s kid and loved Disney cartoons. One of my favourite songs was Part of Your World, from The Little Mermaid. I would sing it everywhere in the house, especially in the toilet, and my dad would bang on the door to shut me up. I had so much joy singing it that I think it actually helped me decide on a singing career.