Kazanskie Brothers Duet for Children and their Parents

Kazanskie Brothers Duet for Children and their Parents

26 November 2016
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Live Concert for Families with Kids 0-7 y.o.

- The music is carefully chosen to appeal to both babies and adults and performed by professional musicians.
- The musicians will get everybody involved through clapping, singing and by handing out some basic instruments to children.
- Children can dance, roam about, and listen to the music the way they feel it.
- Even if your baby makes a bit of noise or cries aloud, and you have to step out for some time, we will be happy to see you back with the smiling baby!

Live sound of violins, authentic version, original mixes. The unique duet of violinists "Kazanskie Brothers" was formed half a year ago. Vigorous emotional direction of performances, communication with the audience, drive, vivid emotions, good mood, and, obviously, unlimited devotion to music contribute a lot to distinction of the style of this duet. Having begun their career more than 12 years ago in the Central School of Music by Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky, these guys managed to preserve their attachment to the cause of violin. As they were honing their skills at Conservatory of Venice, living hand in hand with each other, Kazanskie brothers decided to perform together in the duet. "Due to our firm base we were able to perform at classical concerts and festivals, however, we felt that our potential contains something more than performance at a common concert hall. Therefore, we started to seek "our own music" and perform it elsewhere we could: in the streets, parks, places for those who are as young, vigorous, energetic, free from stereotypes as we are!" - these guys tell us. "We develop ourselves, our professional qualities and abilities, we strive to fill our performance with something more than simple execution, we search for a new sounding of the instrument known to you for so long. And the thing which is vital: we trust in what we are doing!