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KIRIN J CALLINAN (AU) live in Singapore

1 May 2015

KIRIN J CALLINAN (AU) live in Singapore


"A mix of Trent Reznor and Patrick Wolf, Callinan is both an industrial pile-driver and theatrical show-off” - NME Magazine "Callinan is one of the world's most exciting new artists." - The Quietus Not afraid to push the limits, Australian artist Kirin J Callinan makes raw pop music that is fast gaining attention around the world. His debut album Embracism showcases innovative song-writing built around jagged guitars and snarling vocals and has established him as one of the most important musicians in Australia right now. Abrasive, surreal and often chaotic, Callinan’s live show is an intense experience as he flirts with controversy at any given opportunity. This is exhilarating, genre-bending music delivered with both flamboyance and a serrated edge. Boy Kulisap will open the show, whose works weave near the fringes of electronic music from noise to techno, experimental beats to circuit bending.

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$35, $28

Tickets Available

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Date & Time

1 May at 20:00–23:00


Blu Jaz
11 bali lane, Singapore


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