25 October 2017
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25 Oct | Wed | 9pm | Free Admission


One of the six major acts of WSK AXIS 2017: Festival of the Recently Possible, LABYRINTH is a display of the landscape being reworked, a celebration of the experimental spirit that hovers over the labyrinthine soundscape of contemporary electronic music.

The labyrinth moves, for it is constantly disorienting and reorienting a number of related and unrelated trajectories. There is sound that emanates from variegated series of calculated experiments, spontaneous electronic fluctuations, or the combination of several unexpected elements, and it takes on the function of a system with an internal sense of order borne out of a complicated network of pathways that intersect and bifurcate. The calibration of synthesizers, the manipulation of code, the animation of electric currents all create a structure that is both solid and fluid at once.

PERFORMERS: squaresolid (Indonesia) | Gen Thalz | Sloj | Auspicious Family | Sewage Worker | Malek Lopez | .G/FK/DS

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