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LAND with NO SUN : Promemoria

25 May 2015

LAND with NO SUN : Promemoria


The year is 2050. Humans now live in massive Sky-cities. Artificial mechanical lifeforms known as Archivists observe and collect data on human beings daily - our memories, dreams. They were built into our new system/society to logically maintain order and progress - a fail-safe to prevent future global conflicts like the last war that devastated the planet, and drove Man from the Earth's surface to seek a new Utopia in the skies. The Archivists store our memories, dreams in digital form, abstracting each into a piece of music to create visualizations of them. This is the story of the beginning, told through the eyes of The Archivist - a portrait of life in the future, where humans are seeking a new life, displaced from their organic world and building a new technological sanctuary. Promemoria is a sequel to LAND with NO SUN, Tze n Looking Glass' highly successful recent concert (Straits Times Review :, and continues to explore themes/issues that affect our world today, e.g. loss of natural environments, impact of technology on human evolution and society etc. It is a solo piano concert that pushes boundaries of piano music, bringing together not only various genres from jazz, film score, fusion, classical, Anime soundtracks to the orchestral and textural, but also combines "live" piano performance with sound design. Come experience a solo piano journey like no other, where memories and dreams of tomorrow perhaps long for the Earth of yesterday, and discover what the future holds. with Cast: Tze Toh (piano) as The Archivist Christina Zhou (violin) as The Girl in the Wind Gabriel Lee (violin) as The Messenger Others (TBC)

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Date & Time

25 May at 20:00–21:00


Esplanade Recital Studio


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