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Land with No Sun | Terra senza sole

30 January 2015

Land with No Sun | Terra senza sole


Tze n Looking Glass presents a unique audio-film concert which tells the story of a post-apocalypse world, seen through the lives of 10 different characters. In a future Earth where the sun has been extinguished, digitized memories are sent back in time to preserve humanity's history, dreams - it is also possibly man's last act in hope of creating a better future/past. Come experience this journey of original music + video art/projections, featuring Tze Toh (piano/Macbook + keyboard), Teo Boon Chye (sax), Lazar T.Sebastine (Indian violin), Felicia Teo (voice), Christina Zhou (violin), Tomoko Kakegawa (viola), Masato Miyata (bass), Luke Ng (cello), Christoph Wichert (bassoon) and Wei Lung (drums). Email : or to book tickets.

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$25, $18

Date & Time

30 January at 19:30–21:00


Esplanade Recital Studio


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