Lithe at The Substation

Lithe at The Substation

24 March 2018
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Join us for a special edition of LITHE HOUSE at The Substation!

With performances by:
False Plaintiff
Subsonic Eye

Entry: $10 at the door | 7pm

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LITHE HOUSE is undoubtedly the longest reigning independent music spot there is in Singapore. Lithe Paralogue began as a media lab for its experimentation in audio technology which then registered as a company in late 2009 and launched The Lithe Paralogue Studio for rehearsals, recordings, and underground live shows at Old Bukit Timah Firestation.

Spanning over 9 years at 4 different locations before, and with countless of shows hosted and organised under its wings, Lithe Paralogue now resides at its new abode, LITHE HOUSE, located along Madras Street. It aims to provide the best rehearsal experience for musicians and an awesomely cosy live space for music goers, where they get to experience performances up close and personal.

LITHE HOUSE is also home to independent record label Lithe Records that brought you the acclaimed album of 2016 "Sun Eat Moon Grave Party" by Forests and the highly anticipated album of 2017 "White Halo" by Heaven In Her Arms (JP).

Bands under Lithe Records include:
Qu (JP)
Quite Quiet
Obstacle Upsurge
Heaven In Her Arms (JP)

Founded in 1990 by the late Kuo Pao Kun, The Substation is known for its pioneering and experimental arts programming. Over the years, The Substation has worked with some of Singapore’s most critically acclaimed artists, writers and intellectuals including Alvin Tan, Goh Boon Teck, Amanda Heng, Lee Wen and Kok Heng Leun.

Every year, The Substation presents an overarching artistic theme that informs the exhibitions, programmes and initiatives for the year. Each of these programmes explores in greater detail the questions posed by the artistic theme and the societal issues surrounding these questions. Through these annual artistic themes, The Substation expands, leads and supports cultural conversations in Singapore, engaging the general public and exposing them to the full possibilities of contemporary art in shaping public discourse.

The Substation is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Grant for the period April 2017 to March 2020.


Sad kids screaming about sad things.


Racoonhead comprises of various members from Forests, Two Seas and Long Live The Empire. We are a Singaporean folk-emo-punk supergroup gone very wrong.


StandOver is a 4 piece Punk Rock band in Singapore started in 2014. We change punk into something more.
We love anime and hentai. Otaku punk is our genre!

False Plaintiff:

New Single 'HIVE MIND' out now on Spotify, iTunes and other major streaming platforms

Stenographer Full-Length also available on all major streaming platforms

Subsonic Eye:

Subsonic Eye is an alternative pop band from the hazy and rainy Singapore. Their sound combines the soothing algorithms of a digital synth, catchy guitar and vocal lines. Along with wielding pop melodies with restraint and embraces passages that drone on instead of build, they make the audience feel wistful nostalgia towards the memories they never even had.

Best characterized by the quote, ‘Happy music for sad people’, they hope to share their music with as much people as they can and push through the struggles of being a band in a small count.