Live Loop Asia Presents - Open Loop

Live Loop Asia Presents - Open Loop

9 June 2018
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“An open-loop configuration does not monitor or measure the condition of its output signal as there is no feedback. If the input changes for whatever reason, the output of must respond accordingly and change itself to reflect the new input value.” - Open Loop System

This Sat, Live Loop Asia presents: Open Loop.

4 musicians who've never met before will be performing together for the first time at Independent Archive Ltd.Singapore. 

Seth Rouse (US) is an experimental and progressive master guitarist, multi instrumentalist, looper, and vocalist who plays 8 instruments professionally. 

Ryan Simo Simonet aka Cronkite Satellite (US) a one man band with a full band sound. He’s a well rounded artist whose preferred medium is sound.

Sautel Cago aka un escargot vide? (FR) , a digital graffiti artist who infuses his live painting with sounds that he collects through his travels.

Randolf Arriola (SG) is a musician of International acclaim with over 30 years of professional experience in performance, recordings, production, broadcast and technology.