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Lotus Collab at Dhwani 2016

25 March 2016

Lotus Collab at Dhwani 2016


Lotus Collab has developed an artistic way to present a “fusionistic” sound that still evolves from the fundamentals of Indian and Western sounds that are classic. It has the exoticness of Indian Classical melodies handshaking with Jazz, Blues, Afro, Arabic Melodies and Harmonies. The band has a mix of musicians who are experts in their field. When at one side there are listeners who would prefer listening to only traditional music, there also lies a class of listeners who would prefer to experience how new age bands transform the tradition to bring new art to stage. Lotus Collab is about transformation. Lotus is about fresh and new arrangements. Each song of Lotus could be associated with a lifecycle of a thought or story that is being told through an abstract art like music. But the exciting part of lotus sound is that it always brings you home! The arrangement of Lotus songs are products of artistic brainstorming. Each song in average ranges from 6 to 8 minutes. Instruments and tools like Guitar-Synth, Tabla, Cajon, Arabic percussions, Bass, Indian Classical Vocals and the power of silence contributes to the emotion of the song. Lotus Collab consists of experts in their own fields, who have come forward to experiment with a whole lot of fresh and original ideas. Catch us perform at Dhwani 2016 - an annual music festival organised by SYAMA! We look forward to seeing you!

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Date & Time

25 March at 18:00–19:00


Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, Singapore 439053