Love Me Knot live at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Love Me Knot live at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

21 May 2017
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What began as a wedding band in 2009 quickly became a one of the most in-demand bands for private and corporate events. Love Me Knot has performed at some of the most iconic concerts, including Ah Mei, Wang Lee Hom, and S.H.E. They also had the opportunity to perform many of MediaCorp’s theme songs, which have led to working relationships with many of the music’s industry big names.

Q&A session with Love Me Knot

What can the audience expect from your performance?
Sing along​ to Taiwanese folk songs (校园民歌) of the ‘70s. Esther​ Ong, Jeremaine Yeo, Wu Jiaming, and Yang Dayang perform classics by​ Liu Wen Zheng (刘文正),Chyi Yu (齐豫),Tsai Chin (蔡琴),潘安邦 and many more​.

What were your favourite songs growing up?
Jeremaine’s all-time favourite song is 只想一生跟你走 (Everlasting Love by Jacky Cheung) and Esther’s favourite song is 细水长流 by 蔡淳佳,蔡礼莲,唐玉璇 (Xi Shui Chang Liu by Joi Chua, Cai Leelian, and Tang Yuxuan).

What is your favourite song from the ’70s?
恰似你的温柔 by 蔡琴 (Just Like Your Tenderness by Tsai Chin).