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Mosaic 2014: Alpine

15 March 2014

Mosaic 2014: Alpine


Alpine are six friends from Melbourne who make bold, twinkling, sophisticated pop music. Their debut almost-self-titled record A is for Alpine is a collection of vibrant songs that shimmer and shine with colourful harmonies and inventive melodies. Featuring the dual vocals of frontwomen Phoebe Baker and Lou James, Christian O'Brien on guitar, Ryan Lamb on bass, Tim Royall on keys and Phil Tucker on drums, the band traverses diverse themes, ideas and sounds on the album, always assured, but never quite taking themselves too seriously. Getting together, playing music they love, having a good time and dancing seem to work exceptionally well for them. Just catch their exuberant live shows where energy and charisma reign supreme and you will see why.

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$40, $48

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Date & Time

15 March at 19:30–23:00


Esplanade Theatre Studio
Singapore 03


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