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Music for the Mind

19 December 2014 – 21 December 2014

Music for the Mind


Mental Illness in Singapore More than one in 10 people in Singapore will be stricken by mental illness in their lifetime, according to the Singapore Mental Health Study. Often, mental illness strikes the young; majority of mental illnesses occurred by 29 years of age. Many face depression, the commonest mental illness here. Others may be affected by alcohol abuse or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), an anxiety affliction characterized by obsessions, compulsive rituals, as well as intrusive thoughts and impulses. Mind the Music People look to music for inspiration or just to pass the time but others look to it to relate, to belong or even just to feel better about themselves. Musicians have that power to move people. It’s only fitting that we support musicians and let them take on social issues that can empower the people and hope for change in the way mental, physical and emotional problems haven’t been tackled before. Removing the stigma begins with understanding and expressing a willingness to lend a ear to people with mental illness. We want to encourage people to listen to their friends, and you listen to music – and music has the ability to convey what words alone can’t. So let's use music to combat and break the stigma of mental illness... Lineup: Jack & Rai Tabula Afterhours ShiLi & Adi Jane Doe Paraphrase Singapore Char Siew Bao Rubberband & Mr Sufyan Jaime Wong Daniel Purnomo feat. Gillian Tan Ruth and Fatt Love Me Knot Crazy Notes Trisno

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Date & Time

19 December – 21 December
19 December at 19:45 to 21 December at 21:00


*SCAPE: The Ground Theatre
2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978


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