Music Impressions 心乐● 印象

Music Impressions 心乐● 印象

25 June 2017
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Singapore Ruan Ensemble proudly presents a New Age music concert titled "Music Impressions", composed by renowned Chinese composer Zhang Yima (Zhang Lei). Zhang Yima's works are unique and non-conforming to usual trends. Often, he draws his inspiration from his years of traveling and his method of emoting expressions comes in forms of different musical genres.

This is the first music concert featuring works of Zhang Yima in Singapore. He has made a name for himself in China with his Impression Series, as directed by theatre phenomenon director Zhang Yimou. Some of the famous works in this series includes "Impression of Lijiang" and "Impression of Hainan Island". His works were also featured at the 2004 Athens Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Tonight, the Singapore Ruan Ensemble will be premiering many pieces such as "Winter Solstice", "Love", "Zi Jin", "Heart Sutra" and "Delight".

May you take a breather from our fast-paced society and find peace, serenity and solitude in this New Age performance by the ensemble.