My Music Journey 2017 Eric Moo In Concert

My Music Journey 2017 Eric Moo In Concert

27 May 2017
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Eric Moo, award-winning singer-songwriter, is back to woo the Singapore audience on 27 May 2017 at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre.

A pioneer of the xinyao movement, Eric Moo started his musical journey in high school where he formed his first band, “Subway Band”, and held his first sold out concert. His debut album “Xin Qing” topped the record charts in Singapore. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Moo played a pivotal role in driving the xinyao movement and his active participation propelled Moo to become a household name in Singapore and Malaysia.

In 1994, Moo launched the iconic album “Too Silly”. It was a critical and commercial success and Moo became the first Asian artiste to be awarded the Excellent Artistic Music Award by the American Billboard.

‘My Music Journey 2017 Eric Moo In Concert’ will see Moo sharing his music and his life as he looks back at his musical journey throughout the years. Expect a night of classics as he belts out hits such as “Life Is Like A Dream”, “You Are My Only One”, “Ai Na Me Zhong”,“Even More Broken Hearted For The Broken Hearted”, “It Will Pass Like A Dream”, “Puppet Of Love” and more.

新谣代表人物,乐坛实力唱巫启贤将于5月27日在星宇表演艺术中心呈献 “人生.旅途. 爱. 2017巫启贤演唱会”。

高中时期的巫启贤与同学组了一个名为 “地下铁” 的乐团并举办一场小型演唱会。这场演唱会不止门票全数售完,更是巫启贤音乐生涯的转泪点,让他有机会为电台录制几首歌曲。而其中一首 “邂逅” 是第一首登上当年电台第三广播网 “龙虎榜”的本地原创歌曲。

在1980至1990年代期间,把刚起步的新遥推广开来,巫启贤功不可没。他所创作的新谣经典歌曲如「星空下」,「故人的酒觞」,「晨的脚踪」,「唇边的笑意」等,深受许多人喜爱与传唱,开启了新谣广受欢迎的新声。1994年,巫启贤凭着专辑 “太傻” 成为首个获颁美国Billboard 杰出音乐奖的亚洲艺人。此专辑也奠定了巫启贤在华语乐坛的地位。

“人生. 旅途. 爱. 2017巫启贤演唱会” 中巫启贤将与大家分享他的多首经典歌曲如「人生如梦」、「你是我的唯一」、「爱那么重」、「伤心的人更伤心」、「红尘来去一场梦」、「我感觉不到你」等,并且回顾他人生旅途的爱与愁, 起与落,重温那个隽永难忘,走过的年少。

Concert Details
My Music Journey 2017 Eric Moo In Concert
Date: 27 May 2017, Saturday
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
Ticket Prices: $168*, $138*, $118*, $108*, $88*, $78* (excludes booking fee)
Ticketing Hotline: +65 3158 8588 or log on to
Tickets are also available at Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Performing Arts Centre Box Office and all SingPost outlets.