Neko Highway - Mewsic Series

Neko Highway - Mewsic Series

20 January 2017
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You know it’s gonna be a meow-velous time when a band by the name of NEKO Highway - 貓速公路 kickstarts the 2017 edition of our Monthly Mewsic Series with a night of Chinese Originals.

With a combination of funk, rock and a everything a cat could hope for, expect a night of oohs and meows at The Company of Cats!

[About Neko Highway]
NEKO Highway is a Mandarin original band formed by Kaye (Lead singer), Sandy (Keyboardist), Claire (Bassist) and Glenn (Drummer) in mid 2015.

The band's songwriting influences include artists such as Tanya Chua, Li Rong Hao and Bai An, just to name a few. NEKO Highway isn't a band that sticks to any particular style. With songs incorporating exciting genres like funk and rock, to slow and relaxing feels to chill the mood, you will never know what comes next!

The band was formed with the intention of performing their Mandarin originals in public shows as well as possibly pushing and promoting the Mandarin scene in Singapore, which is not something commonly heard of nowadays.

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