Ngak and Zsa Zsa

Ngak and Zsa Zsa

13 May 2017
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Within a short span of two years, Ngak has become a prominent new generation pub performer, attracting crowds with his full-toned voice and ability to cover songs in his own style, while staying true to the originals.

Welded to a guitar, Ngak is an experienced performer at music festivals and has performed at numerous venues. He performs to packed venues such as Wala Wala, Balaclava, Loof, Hood and too many more to mentioned in Singapore.

Q&A session with Ngak & Zsa Zsa

What can the audience expect from your performance?
Zsa Zsa and I are quirky and fun-loving musicians. We believe that when we have fun and laughter in our music, the audience will naturally be influenced by it. Be prepared to sing, clap and hopefully dance along to our performance.

What was your favourite song growing up?
There are too many to name in my lifetime as a musician. I like to explore different genres of music so all I can say is that any song that is catchy and moving will stick in my head for a long time.

What are your favourite songs from the ’90s to the present?
Sting and John Mayer were two of the many amazing musicians that changed my approaches to my music. They were the ones who showed that there are so many dimensions in music-making, fusing different genres together but still sounding cool and amazing. To name a few, Sting’s Seven Days and John Mayer’s Neon.