Nights of Rizal's summer/salt Album Launch

Nights of Rizal's summer/salt Album Launch

9 May 2018
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Electronic solo singer-songwriter Migi de Belen, also known as Nights of Rizal, is releasing his first full-length album "summer/salt".

"summer/salt" refers to Migi's failed somersault attempt in 2012 and his subsequent years re-learning how to walk, and eventually run. Moody lyrics contemplating on the nature of forgetting & remembering are matched with catchy melodies and beachy grooves drawing from post-disco, house, electro, and even UK garage.

Nights of Rizal
Ang Bandang Shirley
Oh, Flamingoļ¼
Run Dorothy
Lions and Acrobats
Hosted by Georgia de los Reyes

300 (Entrance + 1 Beer)
400 (Patch + Lyric Album)
500 (Cap + Lyric Album)

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