O Fortuna!

O Fortuna!

18 December 2016
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The Joy Chorale
Khor Ai Ming, director

Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra
Adrian Tan, conductor

Kelly Tang
Carl Orff

Carmina Burana

The Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra’s 30th anniversary celebrations culminates with them uniting with The Joy Chorale to take on Carl Orff’s 1937 monumental masterpiece Carmina Burana, a piece so distinctive and phenomenal that it continues to be featured in television programmes and commercials, film, radio, sports and even video games. Based on a set of medieval poems exalting earthly pleasures, its powerfully evocative song settings have ensured that these satirical, irreverent (and occasionally bawdy) medieval verses retain the ability to shock and delight audiences today. The concert opens with Kelly Tang’s witty tour de force, Apocalypso, showcasing the acclaimed composer’s characteristic flair for orchestral colour and irrepressible sense of humour.

Think you have not heard of Carmina Burana, think again. We bet you will identify it within the first 10 seconds of the piece. Take up the challenge now!